LegalNFT is DApp which heavily leverages on IPFS and (indirectly) FileCoin storage to manage legal documents, and organize them into signed and notarized agreements. Each document is saved in IPFS, as well as each collection of documents representing legal agreements which include identity documents, agreements, digital certifications etc. A collection can be deemed a legal agreement, (digitally) signed as such and notarized into an NFT. Finally, these NFTs are an embodiment of assets or liabilities which can eventually auctioned off, securitized into fungible shares and put to work in DeFi. I also proposed and prototyped a mortgage lending protocol (no GUI yet) using LegalNFT and AAVE.

LegalNFT showcase

How it's made

I am using JavaScript, React, web3.js and the IPFS API to develop the front end. The NFT is written in Solidity and at the moment deployed on a local test net for demonstration. I am also signing the collections can of documents using the MetaMask API. The mortgage lending / Pawn protocol is using AAVE to repay the loan directly, so there is no delay risk exposure to the Lender.