Following the recent trend of Generative Art, the emerge of what’s known as Decentralized Art Organizations has been none less interesting. We believe there is a more engaging way to generate art and general beauty that is promoted by the public consensus with votes. The purpose of the project is to crowdsource generative art to the public. This happens by: - Enabling people to have a chance for scouting timeless art pieces. - Encouraging society participation in the art space. - Directing public consensus around art to the mainstream masses. Once a week enthusiastic crypto and art collectors can generate art based on their input (ie text input). The algorithm Vqgan + clip generates 3 different copies from the same input (random algorithm with same input). The user can then mint 1 out of the 3 art pieces for 0.01E that will be deposited in a weekly Vault. The Art Generation Process is open during the weekdays. On weekends, the votes are open to everyone to select one candidate out of the different art pieces. One wallet = one signature = one vote. Once the winner is selected -based on the most voted art piece, the Vault is rewarded to the creator.

Marchant showcase

How it's made

We used Next.js for the front & VQGAN+CLIP to generate art in the backend. Covalent API to obtain data about the user address (checking whether art has been generated that week and if the address has also signed for voting). NFTPort API to deploy and mint the NFTs. IPFS to store the nfts and webapp