Tipping video makers is already huge today : Twitch, Patreon etc. So it must work with NFTs right ? - Logan Paul sold his first video for 120k $; - "Charlie bit me" was sold for 760k $; - NBA Top Shot has 1M$ in volume each day. - etc. Well, I guess it already works :). We have several creators, with more than 50k followers on Instagram, that are ready to start with us. They're just waiting for our platform !!

Momentape showcase

How it's made

The project is made on React with Typescript mostly. We used several sponsors technologies : Ceramic, ENS, Livepeer, IPFS and Unlock. We deployed the website on Fleek. The sponsors made us re think the original idea that you can find in the "Long Description". It was supposed to be a NFT marketplace, but for the hackathon it's now a live streaming platform, in the web3, for creators (YouTubers, Instagramers etc.)