People have been drawing as a way to express themselves and tell stories for thousands of years. From finger-painted cave drawings, to the cotton or wood canvas colored with oil paint, to pixels in a computer screen, every one of these artistic mediums has framed people's creativity in different ways - drawing as other forms of art, is, unquestionably, an interplay of medium and design. We believe blockchain is the newest drawing medium. It combines the portability and immutability of digital art with the verifiability of uniqueness from the artist's signature in a physical painting - a signature that, in blockchain, cannot be forged. For the hackathon we wanted to build an interface that allowed people to leave their creative marks in this new canvas. That is why we built Pixly. Pixly is a pixel editor to mint pixel art directly onto the Ethereum blockchain. There is no off-chain metadata storage, everything goes directly into the Ethereum contract's storage. We look forward to see what people will create with it.

Morph Labs showcase

How it's made

We used Scaffold Eth with Typescript, Hardhat, and Waffles. We incorporated an open source pixel editor and modified it to pass pixel data to the mint function of our contract. The contract stores these pixel values for each NFT. When rendering a tokenUri, we use data URIs to render both the metadata JSON and the image URI (an SVG) from on-chain data.