This project is built to explore the intersection of collaborative art and financial incentives. Users can use their ERC20 governance tokens to manage a collective piece of art - a gallery NFT, through voting on proposals to append or remove images from the gallery. By participating in governance, users can directly influence the content and clout of the NFT piece and consequently the value of their tokens, creating an incentive alignment that we believe will jumpstart collaborative art curation. In the future we plan to implement an intuitive interface that allows users to fundraise and create new galley DAOs with any specified theme/subject. Each gallery will have their own governance tokens and liquidity pool.

MosaicDAO showcase

How it's made

Our project was split into three components. The frontend is built with React.js, Node.js. and web3.js. We also developed a REST API server that tracks the blockchain DAO data and generates the gallery image. The server url is used as metadata for the gallery NFT. Lastly, our smart contracts deployed on Polygon for cheaper transaction. For DAO governance, we created a fungible ERC20Votes token, and modeled the DAO contract after Compound's, using many of OpenZeppelin's components. We have a governor that uses a simple voting scheme (for, against). The DAO contract also maintains a list of IPFS URIs with functions to add and remove entries. In terms of deployment, we used hosted the frontend via AWS Amplify, the REST API on Heroku, and the contracts via Truffle to Polygon.