An investigate into open infrastructure for UV light and frequencies. It’s a further exploration into the plasticity of the mind, through coupling dark matter and light. Aligns around the phrase by the philospher Flusser, where “cameras are thinking machines”, so as far as thinking with our hands (EthOStep) with cameras as presented, can we develop a computational camera for connection from afar, in wakeful (start) to dreams (end). Software has become more important than hardware. Photographers are thinking as hybrid artists. Ritual hand practitioners equating themselves to causal patterns in mind and body connection, in youth, old age and distant friendships across time and space. 2 entangled nodes from a far, sync up with hand rituals. They track cards together and learn through Gaia. Their hands touch, and the universe falls away from that moment. They find peace.

mythOS showcase

How it's made

The project is very minimal and a work in progress, I did not have time to complete the MVP but do have long term aspirations to do so with the following toolsets. ENS as identity logins, use of fluence to send hand gesture particles in a p2p way. Store video recording data to livepeer as tarot card pulls under the umbrella of the use of the gelato network as a type of decentralized clock.