NFT Camera is an invite only camera app that allows you to make NFT collections with your social network. Users are limited to 8 minted photos before they have to pass the invite to the next creator. This system makes it easy to create NFTs while still creating high-quality and desirable collections. One example would be some Crypto Twitter leaders using the app and agreeing on some degen theme. A more nuanced example would be fashion designers using this app to monetize their concepts and build an organized community. They don’t have to understand the tech or even have to hop onto Open Sea. Onboarding is a major issue in the crypto space and abstracting the tech while creating community a great first step towards solving it. NFT Camera is an attempt to do both for traditional and emerging creators and their wide reaching audiences who may not be involved in crypto yet.

NFT Camera showcase

How it's made

Flutter was used to create the app UI. Firebase would be the database system to record invited users and invite codes. NFTPort was used to mint users’ photos (we didn’t have to create any custom smart contract code). Rainbow Wallet’s and WalletConnect’s API were implemented into the app to give user friendly wallet onboarding and sign in.