This project uses a browser-based frontend to allow users to create streams, mint the stream, view the stream on the blockchain, store the data of the nft into a blob such type into the ipfs database and view data of the address the user used to store the nft with. Livepeer is used to create the stream and get the video file from the livepeer network. NFTPort is used to mint the nft using the video file. ipfs is used to store the nft data into nft storage database and covalent is used to view the data of the address used to mint the nft.

nft-minter showcase

How it's made

This project uses livepeer to stream the videos and using the livepeer api, generated the file url which was used to mint the nft using nft port's api which deploys on the polygon network. Nft storage is the method which this project stores the nft metadata when users create an nft. Covalent is used to get the data of the user's address which was used to mint the nft which a capability of copying their data and formatting it using a third party formatter.