This project is simply a package that implements NFTPort's queries in Dart. Instantly, any and all Flutter/Dart applications can leverage the power of NFTPort using this package. In addition, it's easy to import the package using the Flutter/Dart package manager. One thing that makes the package so great is that it is one of the first few packages that enable Flutter developers to leverage NFT technology. Flutter lacks support for the blockchain as most current SDKs only support JavaScript. NFTPort abstracts its implementation by introducing REST Apis, which Flutter at the moment supports.

NFTPort Dart Client showcase

How it's made

This project uses Dart and can be retrieved using the package manager. We ended up deciding to use NFTPort because we felt that the way it allowed any developer to implement NFTs was great. NFT Technology is awesome, but there is a learning barrier in order to leverage it. NFTPort takes existing technologies like REST and allow users to develop easily and fast.