Photure is a social marketplace. You can take a photo with the camera on your phone and mint it as an NFT within a minute. Everyone that uses Photure can make "remixes" of your photo my editing the filter, text, overlay, and stickers that can appear on your creation. Everything on the app is for sale, so when someone buys an edit of a photo you took, you'll make 15% of the transaction price. The entire platform is decentralized and lives on IPFS through image files with custom metadata, so your creations will live on forever (even if our app disappears). We intend to be the first app on the Apple App Store that supports ETH purchases for NFT's and we have a strategy for implementing this and passing Apple's strict review process.

Photure showcase

How it's made

The foundation of our project lies within two smart contracts. One is our NFT contract which inherits the standards from openzepplin and has a couple custom methods. The other is our marketplace contract that handles buying and selling NFTs. One custom method on the NFT contract allow our marketplace contract to interact with the NFTs in the NFT contract. The other custom method helps us handle certain actions on an item such as likes. We are using NFTport to upload photos taken and metadata to IPFS. Another hacky thing we had to do stems from Photure being a mobile application built in react native. In order to get the app working we had to polyfill a nodejs environment into our react native project to have access to web3 methods. We are also using WalletConnect to connect to users wallets. This required a custom implementation of WalletConnect's qrcodeModal.