Prose is a text based NFT generation tool. Users can quickly jot down anything from song lyrics to poems, to shower thoughts. One button uploads them to IPFS or directly to Ethereum. Users can keep a catalog of they text-based NFT's on the "My Work" page and the link to Etherscan tx is available directly in the application. Prose is the go-to tool for text based NFT generation. You can be up and running in under 30 seconds and have your first NFT deployed to Ethereum in minutes.

Prose showcase

How it's made

Prose uses NFT.Storage to handle the uploading to IPFS. NFTPort then uploads the .txt file directly to Ethereum providing the transaction URL in the response object. Users can view all of their NFT’s on the ‘My Work’ page depending on which Ethereum account they have connected. The NFT's are pulled from NFTPorts "List all your NFT's" API query and filtered based on the user address.