Seashells NFT visualiser built-in Unity3D which showcases uses of IPFS as a database or as storing immutable properties/logic for games, this experiment is built on top lobsterdao NFT's ( which are 2D, the project visualises and wraps these NFT's into their 3D avatars. The project also showcases ways/pipelines to fetch NFT data inside Unity3D GameEngine which then can be expanded upon and used in creative ways in games, 3D interactive works, Metaverses, apps etc. demo :

Seashells | 10b57e6  fa5h10N  showcase

How it's made

Unity3d + IPFS - A csv file containing metadata and extra properties for NFT's is hosted at IPFS, which is used read extra immutable character and gameobject properties and NFT metadata. Repo also showcases Covalant and NFTPort API Demo in Unity3d GameEngine to get realtime NFT metadata states. Built on Top of 2D NFT artworks by KliBanksy and Lobs Analytics csv by Michael Sirinotis and all the at lobsterdao.