It has never been more important that the metaverse be built on the open web. Shiny Station 001 is an open and permissionless space - everyone is welcome. Stored on IPFS this virtual space station can never be taken down. People can continue to meet here as humanity expands to be an interplanetary species. Built cross-platform, people can explore the Station from any device, desktop, web, and even Virtual Reality. Visitors are also invited to mint an NFT pass to experience an exclusive, limited time installation accessible with Unlock protocol. Visible through the end of the year, this installation shows how Unlock protocol and the blockchain enable privacy on the metaverse. This also alludes to the type of spaces Shiny Station can scale to in the new year.

ShinyStations showcase

How it's made

We used Unlock protocol on Rinkeby to provide free access to Shiny Station 001 stored on IPFS ia Fleek. We also used Unlock protocol on Matic to create an NFT paywall to an installation space through the end of the year. This space is also hosted on Fleek. Visitors can sign in via their metamask to access. We also built a website in React & NEXT.js. While this is hosted and distributed via Vercel, we're moving everything towards IPFS in a decentralized manner. Try it here:,