This project allows you to collect signatures from friends, family, or other digital. Signatures are stored on IPFS. You can share your collection of signatures with other to sign. After collecting signatures, you can mint them as NFT for free on Polygon network and send it to yourself of other. In the future, I will fix the part where you can place the signatures from anywhere within the board. In addition, I will add a feature where you can add custom message on the signatures collection.

Signature Collectable showcase

How it's made

I built the front end with react and use bootraps 5 for styling. I built the contract with truffle. I deploy my contract on Rinkeby Testnet. I used the following technologies: - Slate (IPFS service) to store the signatures on IPFS - NFTPort to mint the NFT on Polygon for free using Easy Mint API - Covalent to display user's NFTs from wallet using Covalent API - ENS to allow user to enter ENS name instead of ETH address