A project to store audio on the IPFS using moralis and remix. the frontend is nice but i wasnt able to get the new erc1155 tokens to show up only the old one. tried again this morning with js instead of jsx and still no luck. going to keep working on this as i was asked by an indie artist if it was possible.

SomeMusix showcase

How it's made

Started with the Ethereum-boilerplate put out by moralis. Had to edit a few things to get it to work, its new and they are updating it. Once the node is set up and I added some react stuff I ran in to a problem with the contract. My old nfts would show up but I must of copy/paste my old contract wrong. Re-did the frontend this morning copying my Hoge Pets project. Ran out of time before I could finish setting it up all the way. Still not finding the erc1155 I minted but the contract call sees them? Using the last 2 hours to make the video to demo.