Space Art Full stack NFT marketplace is final-project to blockchain developer bootcamp-2021 Space Art is an NFT store built on Polygon Blockchain ( Reposten Testnet ) Tagline : Space Art is marketplace and community where you can buy , sell and create NFT items through the usage of ethers and track the ownership of digital assets We’ll make the world where human creativity is fully respected What I did for the web3jam hackathon : • Upload website on IPFS • NFT Marketplace • Ens Domain (coming soon) Problem it Solves : • Duplicate Asset Problem: Duplication of digital assets is not possible due to non fungibility of NFT's. • No Tampering of Data: No one can easily tamper the data as the data is stored on the blockchain. • Quick Transactions from Polygon: Polygon provided us with quick transaction speed which boosted the User Experience of our website. • Ownership Record Maintainance: Ownership can be tracked easily as smart contract passes the ownership from the seller to buyer directly. • Data Storage problem of Blockchain: Blockchain can't be used for storing media files for media assets in an efficient manner, so we used IPFS for digital assets.

Space Art showcase

How it's made

I was unaware of the development technology behind NFT tokens. Consequently, the most difficult thing for me, was to overcome the fear of learning a new technology such as blockchain. Thanks to Polygon, it was easily able to build NFT tokens , First time use Taiwindcss with Next.js Technologies Used :Polygon,IPFS,ENS ,Domain,Next.js,Hardhat,Ethereum,Solidity,Metamask,web3,JavaScript,Tailwindcss