The Museum of NFT Art is a platform/computational system as a manifesto. It is also a reactive project and a statement on the current state of art institutions. MoMA(Museum of Modern Art), which is one of the most influential art institutions of the world, is a centralized system that operates as a gatekeeper of what counts as ‘great modern and contemporary art’. MoNA is a decentralized, censorship-resistant, trustless arena for the future generations of artists. Pseudonymous identity is encouraged, creative endeavors are minted. Our mission statement is to onboard and incubate potent creativity that will form the future of the internet. Inspired by another creative intervention, MoCA(Museum of Crypto Art).

The Museum of NFT Art showcase

How it's made

The devs used NFTport as the infrastructure of MoNA. Ceramic is used for the authentication of the data. Fleek is used to deploy the DApp into the decentralised storage IPFS. The design of the platform is inspired by OG MoMA. Instead of choosing a customized design the dev hacked MoMA’s iconic gothic sans with comical fairy dust.