This project enables live streamers to charge for access to their livestreams without any intermediaries taking a cut. The only cost is gas. Our IPFS static page demo shows the ability to click a button to trigger the Unlock Protocol experience to purchase an NFT that will grant access to the livestream. Once the user connects their wallet (in our case we used MetaMask), the user can then complete the purchase of the NFT. When the NFT is purchased, the user can click a button to access the livestream that we used Livepeer to host / stream.

Token Gated Livestream showcase

How it's made

1. The Unlock Protocol makes interacting with Ethereum smart contracts super easy saving us a ton of time. We used Unlock to provide Non Fungible Tokens in the form of tickets to the audience and as a simple API to verify the wallet owner is the owner of the ticket. 2. Livepeer was used for providing high quality live video streaming with decentralized transcoding offering a transparent and predictable cost of usage. 3. IPFS was used for static website hosting meaning we are offering decentralized storage and we are able to provide a reasonably high availability at zero cost even as the platform scales.