Toriys NFT is a dApp hosted on IPFS that allows you to generate an avatar by randomizing 7 traits to one of 4 possibilities each. This means there are more than 16 thousand possible combinations (4 raised to the power of 7). Once you're on the website, you get a random character, you can randomize the traits until you get a unique combination. You get the opportunity to save the image, check it's availability and Mint it.

ToriysNFT showcase

How it's made

This project started from drawing the said "Toriys" on ClipStudioPaint, exporting each traits with an alpha layer. I open them on Aseprite (a pixel art software). I then use my retro color palette and resize them until i get a god result. The dApp is a basic vue-create app with a canvas drawing each feature drawn at random to represent the final avatar. There are 7 features and 4 combinations of each, this means that each unique token can be represented with a number from 0 to 4^7. That number is actually computed in order to get the tokenId, ensuring each combination is unique. I used NFTPort API to retrieve the deployed contract, check if an NFT is available and mint an NFT when it is. I also use NFTPort API to handle all IPFS storage concerns. First the image is stored on IPFS then the metadata JSON including a link to that file. Finally, a link to the transaction on Polygon explorer is sent back on the screen.