Transdimensional Inventory Service (TIS) is a project that aims to bridge the gap between Web3 and the metaverse - or more accurately, the fractured web of metaverses. The goal of the project is to provide ways to share items across multiple metaverses whether that be just data or functionality. TIS connects future metaverse data from web3 to current metaverse technology (Roblox, Fortnite, Rec Room, etc). So far, the following has been made: - Centralized TIS API - Example converting Roblox assets to Polygon NFTs and loading them into an Roblox place Players in the Roblox place are able to view all of a certain wallet's NFTs (in the example, it is my wallet since it is my place). They are also able to spawn in any NFT that has the `roblox_asset_id` field its metadata.

Transdimensional Inventory Service showcase

How it's made

The Roblox place was developed using Roblox Studio. The TIS API was created using Koa.js. The Polygon NFTs were created using NFTPort's customizable minting API. The metadata for the NFTs (including the Roblox asset information) is hosted on IPFS through NFTPort's metadata API. Covalent's Token Balances API is used by TIS to get information about all NFTs a wallet holds, as well as their metadata. The Roblox place uses the TIS' API for information about a certain addresses inventory (including NFT balances).