Web3 Weekend 2021

Connecting creatives with engineers to build a fair future

May 28 2021 - May 30 2021
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PiiinMe!Web3 Weekend 2021
A communty website where you can help to host currated content in one click...
e(th)workWeb3 Weekend 2021
co-working platform on web3 - chat/video/screen/task/file/governance - inco...
ReporTAROWeb3 Weekend 2021
A dapp to report public infrastructure and security needs in Queretaro City...
DBS-Decentralized Broadcast & Stream
DBS-Decentralized Broadcast & StreamWeb3 Weekend 2021
Integrating Live Stream for Audius music Creators- Decentralized Broadcaste...
TICKETMASTERWeb3 Weekend 2021
TICKETMASTER is an event ticketing platform using transforming numbered NFT...
BlockFoodWeb3 Weekend 2021
A decentralized restaurant reservation app for restaurant owners and custo...
cARnivalWeb3 Weekend 2021
cARnival is an Augmented Reality app bringing caribbean culture to the meta...
conditionalNFTWeb3 Weekend 2021
NFT with ownership and control conditional upon the possession of a valid L...
FansOnlyWeb3 Weekend 2021
FansOnly is a premium entertainment site using Web3 Identity technology
KlavaWeb3 Weekend 2021
An NFT membership platform to support your favourite creators.
OCEAN CLIWeb3 Weekend 2021
A command line utility to upload data to textile hub and publish on ocean m...
After Me
After MeWeb3 Weekend 2021
After Me is a DApp that allows users to set up automations for executing th...
Proof of attendance
Proof of attendanceWeb3 Weekend 2021
A decentralized protocol to track attendance, built on Ethereum (DAO)
Multi-NFTWeb3 Weekend 2021
An algorithmically generated NFT based on multi-chain ERC712 contract calls...
MeMetaWeb3 Weekend 2021
A digital land aggregation tool, with analytical insights at its core.
High Resolution Image NFTs
High Resolution Image NFTsWeb3 Weekend 2021
A way for Cultural Heritage organisations to mint NFTs for very high resolu...
ipfSlackWeb3 Weekend 2021
Web3 version of Slack / Discord -- messaging tool for enterprises
BookBoundWeb3 Weekend 2021
Create proposals to read books with friends or strangers and then earn badg...
Nifty Studio
Nifty StudioWeb3 Weekend 2021
A Web3 Project to help fund movie productions. A studio for the People, by ...
AdEthWeb3 Weekend 2021
Onboarding advertising industry into web3 allowing partnership through NFTs...
DeArchiveWeb3 Weekend 2021
Decentralized Internet Archive - uses Chainlink and IPFS to decentralize th...
OpenPIDWeb3 Weekend 2021
Creating globally unique and persistent identifiers (PIDs) and publishing a...
DeAIWeb3 Weekend 2021
A framework for hosting and training machine learning models on a distribut...
TimeTokWeb3 Weekend 2021
A humble way to sell the tokenise time of your calendar via Social Token
Social Token Data
Social Token DataWeb3 Weekend 2021
A social token data aggregator. Grab the data of all of the top social toke...
NFT Factory Factory
NFT Factory FactoryWeb3 Weekend 2021
A factory that creates a minting contract for generative art NFTs
RED Notes
RED NotesWeb3 Weekend 2021
Creating NFTs that enable organic discovery for the artist, and rewards for...
BOOSTER / CryptoEmblems
BOOSTER / CryptoEmblemsWeb3 Weekend 2021
Booster Protocol allows for easy randomized delivery of ERC1155 tokens. Use...
Open Science (Opsci) Data Wallet
Open Science (Opsci) Data Wallet Web3 Weekend 2021
Data management with the Opsci Data Wallet flips the data economy on its he...
File Storage App
File Storage AppWeb3 Weekend 2021
Decentralized File Storage using Texttile and IPFS. Pin files easily on IPF...
ContentStreamWeb3 Weekend 2021
ContentStream is a broadcast platform and marketplace allowing content crea...
NFT Fusion
NFT FusionWeb3 Weekend 2021
Collect NFTs and fuse them together for more exclusive ones.
One MoMint
One MoMintWeb3 Weekend 2021
One MoMint is a decentralized platform for capturing the moment in the form...
Digital Disintermediation
Digital Disintermediation Web3 Weekend 2021
Enhancing the the censorship resistance of NFTs in the DeFi world.
The Open Journal
The Open JournalWeb3 Weekend 2021
The Open Journal is a platform that respects and upholds your voice without...
EBSWeb3 Weekend 2021
🎲 Push The Button A base template for multiplayer turn-based game on Ether...
Livestream NFT Minting
Livestream NFT MintingWeb3 Weekend 2021
The objective of the project is to enable NFTs to be minted in real-time, f...
NFT's from Italy
NFT's from ItalyWeb3 Weekend 2021
An NFT collection of photographs and videos of Venice, Italy and its beauti...
Option contracts
Option contractsWeb3 Weekend 2021
An on-chain options contract platform for trustless issuance and trading op...
Sock Explorer by Pentacle
Sock Explorer by PentacleWeb3 Weekend 2021
Sock wearers rejoice! Find your $SOCKS at SockExplorer.eth.link
Perpetuals Platform Pro
Perpetuals Platform ProWeb3 Weekend 2021
AMM-based Perpetuals Platform to Trade Commodities and Forex
3mailWeb3 Weekend 2021
Zero-trust, decentralized email network running on IPFS! Bring your own ema...
Lock It Up With LIT
Lock It Up With LITWeb3 Weekend 2021
Lock up any content that only owners of a whole ERC20 token can decrypt. U...
CDO Tokenization Asset NFT
CDO Tokenization Asset NFTWeb3 Weekend 2021
Collaterized Debt Obligation (CDO) allows to create tokenized NFTs for a Re...
ArtVaultsWeb3 Weekend 2021
Decentralized Storage for exclusive NFT content. Securely store all assests...
LifeAndEthWeb3 Weekend 2021
We are creating a file authorization NFT Token that enables anyone with tha...
FreeStreamWeb3 Weekend 2021
A Decentralized Streaming and Online Meeting Application that gives power b...
ETHunesWeb3 Weekend 2021
Decentralizing audio content licensing business by using NFTs to issue comm...
CheapLinkWeb3 Weekend 2021
ChainLink node and Oracle deployed on CheapETH. The oracle is used to retr...
ConcertCoinWeb3 Weekend 2021
ConcertCoin is a live virtual concert allowing users to experience live per...
Space Biscuits
Space BiscuitsWeb3 Weekend 2021
Space Biscuits - to the moon and beyond
CryptoIRSWeb3 Weekend 2021
Deposit USDC, mint cUSDC and sell cUSDC forward to get fixed rate deposit
EthglobalnftsWeb3 Weekend 2021
Just testing The Graph Workshop. Learn how to build a GraphQL API on top o...
NFT-MEWeb3 Weekend 2021
Bringing quality and auditability to real world or digital assets all tied ...
Meta Manager
Meta ManagerWeb3 Weekend 2021
A decentralized one-stop-shop data managing tool for meta creators
NFZillionaireWeb3 Weekend 2021
NFTs for real estate owners and for creating DeFi zillionaire clubs.
LyreWeb3 Weekend 2021
Lyre is a livestreaming platform for up and coming bands and rising musicia...
EncyWeb3 Weekend 2021
Paid or Free Webinars based on Livepeer streams and Textile threads. Access...
tinboxcreativeWeb3 Weekend 2021
Sell art NFTs with utility that give you access to datacenter and Google Cl...
MintlaabWeb3 Weekend 2021
IPFS CID seed-based generative art NFT platform on top of Zora and using EN...
z arbor games
z arbor gamesWeb3 Weekend 2021
z arbor games: creating longevity challenges for global carbon sequestratio...
CryptoSoulsWeb3 Weekend 2021
Resurrect famous warriors like Achilles and Genghis Khan as NFT's and battl...
NFTs   import
NFTs importWeb3 Weekend 2021
NFT import subgraph with IPFS metadata (to get rid of 429 http errors)
Forever Cloud
Forever CloudWeb3 Weekend 2021
An application that lets users publish their content to a Distributed Netwo...
dripshopWeb3 Weekend 2021
Taking NFTs from metaverse to meatspace with a one-stop dripshop
Roll Balls
Roll BallsWeb3 Weekend 2021
Physics-based puzzle web browser game, powered by IPFS/ Pinata cloud
The Ultra Sound Music Project
The Ultra Sound Music ProjectWeb3 Weekend 2021
Every revolution needs its sound track. The sound track to the ultra sound ...
TokenartWeb3 Weekend 2021
Create a decentralized and opensource protocole for legal NFT : the TA-TO c...
Cream s project
Cream s projectWeb3 Weekend 2021
cat meme dao all people who love cats should get in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
YouTube NFT Drop
YouTube NFT DropWeb3 Weekend 2021
Create NFTs and gift them to your early Youtube Subscribers so they can fle...
MetaMeetWeb3 Weekend 2021
MetaMeet is a web 3.0-native social platform where you can build the perfec...
InstaNFTWeb3 Weekend 2021
Create NFTs automatically when you post on Instagram with a hastag nft!
Canva NFT Minter
Canva NFT MinterWeb3 Weekend 2021
Canva NFT Minter allows the Canva users to publish their designs as NFT usi...
liveTubeWeb3 Weekend 2021
This project is an Tube site that leverages the blockchain projects of Live...
MetacardsWeb3 Weekend 2021
Invest in others and let people invest in you through NFTs and Trading Card...
Ceramic Overlay Filesystem
Ceramic Overlay FilesystemWeb3 Weekend 2021
A distributed filesystem stored in IPFS and orchestrated using the Ceramic ...
DePharmaWeb3 Weekend 2021
Ecosystem to manage the vaccine event and decentralised place to consult an...
Transparent strategy (+platform), PhP  Fund
Transparent strategy (+platform), PhP FundWeb3 Weekend 2021
Transparent strategies of digital asset, backtest/ future performance asses...
CodeworkNFTWeb3 Weekend 2021
A dapp where users can make a post on what they need for their website and ...
Not Vine
Not VineWeb3 Weekend 2021
Not Vine is a Social media platform built for better monetization to Conten...
AirCollectionsWeb3 Weekend 2021
AirCollections is the world's first live stream shopping platform for NFTs
Sunken Temple
Sunken TempleWeb3 Weekend 2021
A hot-potato strategy game about exploration and treasure hunting played in...
xdrianWeb3 Weekend 2021
Team Abandon me. I made art and music for the team. I had plans to make the...
ComposeNFTWeb3 Weekend 2021
A scalable collaboration framework for continuously convergent community cr...
Metamask Snap: Add Unlock Protocol Assets
Metamask Snap: Add Unlock Protocol AssetsWeb3 Weekend 2021
This MetaMask snap lets users add keys from Unlock Protocol locks as assets
DEQALWeb3 Weekend 2021
Gitcoin Delegation Graph
Gitcoin Delegation GraphWeb3 Weekend 2021
Gitcoin just announced they'll be doing a DAO! As an avid user (and browser...
ROYALHITS_LIVEWeb3 Weekend 2021
Storage bucket + Video streaming platform. Its a mixture of both the textil...
WorkerCoinWeb3 Weekend 2021
Block chain abstract description of the labor value of all people to achiev...
The Convo Space
The Convo SpaceWeb3 Weekend 2021
The Decentralized Conversation Layer of Internet, customizable plugins for ...
AnonyFansWeb3 Weekend 2021
Decentralized OnlyFans! Each creator's posts are NFTs and are locked via as...
All_ebt DAO
All_ebt DAOWeb3 Weekend 2021
Food stamps built on ETH so that low income communities can also participat...
IPFS-DAOWeb3 Weekend 2021
upload encrypted files to ipfs using your ethereum wallet keys so that you ...
Cross Chain Wallet Dashboard
Cross Chain Wallet DashboardWeb3 Weekend 2021
This projects helps you to keep track of your liquidity across chains.
BoatcoinWeb3 Weekend 2021
Our vision is to provide a digital and paperless boat charter booking and ...