The project allows companies to generate an NFT that can be displayed on websites as an ad. In addition to host an image, the NFT also contains funds in stablecoin that are rewarded to the websites on each clic. It will also open the possibilities for multi companies partnerships, for example a clothing brand x an NGO x an artist. Each time a user clic on the "ad/NFT image", stablecoin are sent to the website, the NGO and the artist. During the creation of the NFT, the company set a budget and a "cost per clic" amount that will be the reward in stablecoin.

AdEth showcase

How it's made

This project requires a very low fee transaction network to be reliable, like Matic/Polygon. I used Truffle and Ganache to develop the contracts in Solidity, React for the front and NFT Storage for hosting the NFT uri in Filecoin. They are two contracts: the Fabric contract that host the "create NFT" function and the adNFT contract that host the uri and an onClick function. To create an NFT, the company have to allow the Fabric contract to "transferFrom" stablecoin from its account. The Fabric will then transfer this amount to the NFT contract created keeping a fee. Key feature: during the process, a temporary key/account per is created that will be shared between the company and its partners to sign the transaction on each clic. The Fabric transfers a little amount to this new account so it have enough token to pay for gas for thousands of clics.

Technologies used