After Me is a trustless estate planning service. First of its kind. Lawyers charge between 10 and 80 hours to manage a client's will. The service typically involves making sure a certain amount of funds are transferred to the heir. By automating this service with Smart Contracts, we cut down the cost by a factor of 1000. In addition to the transfer of crypto assets, After Me users can attach triggers such as publishing content that is permanently stored on-chain, effectively allowing users to leave behind an immutable record of their existence.

After Me showcase

How it's made

I used Flutter for the frontend and the logic on the client side. The core functionality is in the Smart Contracts. The delayed execution is ensure through Chainlink, but the app also exposes the function to the public, as a failsafe in case the oracle doesn't make the call. The user defines a will by assigning it a list of heirs, a waiting period and the total inheritance value. A one-and-done execution is triggered when the waiting period - between 14 and 180 days - is elapsed without the user signing in. In addition to initializing the will, the web interface allows extending the wait period, editing the heirs (removing and/or modifying the assigned percentages), decreasing and increasing the value of the inheritance.

Technologies used

Adobe PremiereEthereumRemixSolidity