With this project customers of a restaurant can select a table at a chosen time and reserve it by depositing a configurable fee. To get the fee back the guest has to enter a private key which is displayed at the chosen table. The restaurant owner also has the option to manually refund the fees of a certain reservation. If the guest does not check in at the designated time (+ a configurable margin of x minutes) the fees will be unlocked and the owner can withdraw the fees to his wallet.

BlockFood showcase

How it's made

This project uses Unlock to create the posibility for users to create a reservation for a Restaurant by depositing a fee. FrontEnd: - latest version of Angular - Ethers.js - Angular material BackEnd: - Solidity Smart Contract - Unlock Unfinished Topics: Reservation on a specific time (date and timepicker in the FrontEnd does not submit values to the SmartContract). Withdraw function in the FrontEnd. Refund of multiple reservations ( purchase -> purchase -> refund -> refund)

Technologies used