This project serves as a framework to enable ERC1155 tokens to be delivered via randomized "booster packs". We do this through an easy-to-use interface for the token smart contract, and then it can be connected to the Booster Kiosk to enable your users to buy the booster packs. This would enable a couple of use cases that we think are very interesting in the crypto-collectible space 1. Creation of sticker albums, where you can buy booster packs to get more stickers. If a new album is created using the Booster interface, we could then have a marketplace of sorts for purchase and p2p trading, just like when we were kids! 2. Trading card games, where you can buy a booster pack and have a chance to get rare cards that will get you ahead in the game 3. In app gaming purchases: you can buy decentralized "surprise crates" filled with items from your favourite crypto games! We're also introducing a demo of the first Booster enabled collectible game, CryptoEmblems! This dApp lets you collect tokens and see them on your dashboard, and connects to the Booster Kiosk for purchasing.

BOOSTER / CryptoEmblems showcase

How it's made

We have an interface called BoosterEnabledToken which allows token creators to create tokens compatible with the Booster Kiosk (which is also a smart contract). Booster Kiosk uses Chainlink under the hood to produce verifiable randomness, and serves those random numbers back to the token (as part of the BoosterEnabledToken interface) to decide what tokens to deliver. Cryptoemblems is a crypto collectibles game where you collect different emblems for different cryptocurrencies. You get these emblems by buying Crates that contain two random emblems. The initial set includes 10 emblems, can you find them all?

Technologies used