A lot of amazing work is being done to build out the metaverse and it's providing massive opportunity for the techno-literate and digital creators. Our goal is to expand this even further and start bridging the gap between the metaverse and the holders of traditional culture. We built cARnival to help bridge the gap between cultural traditions held in third world countries and this new cyber economy. We aim to provide new means of employment through the metaverse while also solving foreign exchange problems in 3rd world countries through the use of innovative technologies. cARnival is an Augmented Reality experience and mobile crypto wallet. It showcases aspects of Trinidad and Tobago's carnival culture in the 'metaverse' enabling the world to experience our culture which may have been out of reach before, and even more so now as borders are closed and festivities may not resume for at least another year. Users will be able to take some digital memorabilia with them as they navigate through an AR carnival experience, engaging with local characters and collecting NFTs from completing quizzes or randomly stumbling upon a collectible item.

cARnival showcase

How it's made

We forked a React Native AR library and had local designers design some carnival characters for us to embed into the app. Then we created a game in the AR app and set up a cloud function to upload NFTs and mint them for winners of the quiz. The app is also hooked up to a leaderboard that sees how much NFTs you have in your wallet.