ConcertCoin allows artists to be able to once again perform live, they have been losing up to 2/3 of their revenue due to not being able to perform. Along with this the venues for these performances are losing up to 85% of their revenue as well. ConcertCoin solves this problem by creating a user-friendly platform allowing fans to view live concerts in a unique way! Allowing NFT drops from the artist during the live also adds a unique aspect to the typical concert experience. We also have integrated Unlock Protocol in order to allow easy payment methods through cryptocurrency, we are also looking to add USD payment method within the application. ConcertCoin will not only benefit the entire music industry but it will bring a new experience for fans around the world.

ConcertCoin showcase

How it's made

By using Livepeer we are easily able to create and broadcast the streams within our application, alongside this we have introduced Unlock Protocol to be able to implement paywalls and ticket parameters to allow easy access to payments for users! The application is a demo version and needs work although the future looks very bright!

Technologies used