Cream s project

cat meme dao all people who love cats should get in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this project is build for showing love with cats and make some meme for cats lovers,talk about cats discuss how to protect cats and Help and adopt stray cats,all those moves can under web3 and blockchain tech, and it will get so much Promoted and Efficient,also under blockchain bonus system,people can be showed very clearly!

Cream s project showcase

How it's made

gathering people build a cool community with web3 tech and ipfs to keep it , with web3 and blockchain tech we do it in a decentralized way , this way will let cat lovers getting more vitality!voting ,Contribution distribution,all those stuff can be transparenting with web3 and blockchian tech,and people gonna love it!

Technologies used

Adobe PremiereEthereumIPFSphotoshop