A multi-chain wallet dashboard that gives you current balances, USD prices from multiple wallets you can connect. The innovation here is, that we not only show their balances on the Ethereum chain, but also on different other sidechains like Polygon and BSC. We try to introduce classic e-commerce mechanisms by employing a freemium-based business model. You can connect one wallet for free, but then you need to pay for an UNLOCK-Key (via Unlock-Protocol) to be able to connect more than one. We also use TheGraph to query and show how many people have bought a key within the last 24h and provide the according Etherscan-link to be able to verify that by yourself. The blockchain comes in very handy in that use case. The whole dashboard is hosted in TEXTILE Buckets on IPFS and we use Cloudfront to cache the website and be able to provide a nice URL.

Cross Chain Wallet Dashboard showcase

How it's made

* Allow to connect multiple wallets from different EVM powered chains like Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, DAI,.. * Get current balances from each chain's RPC * Get current USD prices from Coingecko and multiply it with each balance to get the real value of our portfolio * Unlock premium features (adding multiple wallets) via UNLOCK-PROTOCOL - that way we can monetize our dashboard in a classic freemium fashion * We then use THEGRAPH to get the unlock-driven sales from within the last 24h to have a "social proof" feature to encourage buying. People also get the link to the contract on Etherscan so that they can verify that. * Everything is hosted via TEXTILE buckets on IPFS * Using Cloudflare CDN as cache to be more accessible via custom domain: * Wallets can be easily added using ENS

Technologies used