There are various music creators on Audius, this is a decentralized platform for audio creators. This project focuses on live streaming, concerts for those music creators. It is a platform which allows user to create his/her live stream for which people have to get a pass to watch. We have implemented Unlock protocol such that users would need to pay a certain amount to our streaming platform so that they can get access to new content or concerts hosted by their favourite independent creators. They can use tracks from Audius to Livestream them. It is a simple platform.

DBS-Decentralized Broadcast & Stream showcase

How it's made

The project uses Audius API to load the audio tracks. We have also used textile to host the Streaming site so that users can go on them and watch them. The link is in the GitHub description of the repo. Also, Unlock.js is used to purchase the unlock process to watch the stream. Livepeer API is used to stream the recorded session of audio and the broadcasted user's screen.

Technologies used