Decentralized Internet Archive Uses Chainlink and IPFS to decentralize the archival and storage functions of the Internet Archive. Essentially it is but the files are stored in a decentralized way (IPFS) and retrieved in a decentralized way (using Chainlink Oracles). It offers the same public utility of (saving valuable digital information for years to come) but is more resilient to censorship.

DeArchive showcase

How it's made

A user can choose to archive a website by paying LINK to a smart contract with along with a website URL. The smart contract then uses the LINK to send a request to a Chainlink Oracle that uses a custom adapter to download the file and upload it to IPFS, returning the hash. The smart contract records the url, hash and date. The user can later come back to the Dapp and look up the website URL to see the archive entry for it. The Dapp is made using React and Ethers.js.

Technologies used