DePharma is an ecosystem with the following features - 1. Vaccine store- Using Unlock Protocol to buy vaccine. 2. Consult a doc - With decentralised storage system like IPFS and Live peer, interact with doctor and be the owner of your documents solely. After the successful prescription, you can buy the prescribed drugs from the platform. 3. Buy the essential healthcare equipments - Marketplace to buy the essential equipments like [Masks, Face shield, Gloves, etc.] 4. Fundraising raffle - Create raffle fundraising event with POAP. 5. Create POLL - Create a Poll with POAP.

DePharma showcase

How it's made

We have created an ecosystem in which you can buy the vaccine and medical equipment, consult a doctor by uploading your prescription over IPFS, and whole data is stored over IPFS, so no need to worry about privacy. Not only this but you can also have fundraising [Raffle] with POAP and there are different opinions and you may want to have a public poll to maintain the democracy, so you can always choose to create your own poll and view the results with POAP. Benefits from the technologies - 1. Unlock Protocol is used to buy vaccines, medical equipment, and medicines. With this, we have surity of authenticity. 2. IPFS and Pinata is used to store prescription and all the details of medicines to provide the ownership of the prescription and maintain the integrity. 3. POAP is used to create fundraising and POLL, which we personally feel is a required event in any decentralized ecosystem. Future Improvements - 1. We strongly want to integrate the Livepeer for video analysis for doctors and patients will hold the whole access of that. It will ease the process and help for better analyzing. 2. As POAP APIs are under development, we will create an event to register for vaccination and distribute unique NFT as proof of vaccination. 3. Improve the marketplace by onboarding the user interface and enable more features in it. Special thanks to ETH Global, Sponsors, and our whole team to make it happen in such a short span. Tools and technologies used - Unlock Protocol POAP - The Proof of Attendance Protocol Pinata Gatsby React js Node/ Express

Technologies used