This project allow brand / personal / company to create and manage desentralised public quick access link page using Ethereum wallet. (hosted on IPFS and using MetaMask as Authentication) Imagine you want to put two clicks away some quick information on your instagram page, information like : order forms, send whatsapp link, and you can put custom secret owned access link too for certain people that gained by paying access token or granted by the pofile owner. the profile owner could change or manage their profile and even maintain their custom limited access link / could be as simple as link, qrcode, picture or even video gallery.

DEQAL showcase

How it's made

it use web3.js for the wallet authentication IDX to fetch & manage the basic user data ceramicnetwork to manage the custom data. ipfs.js to fetch & write the profile DID into IPFS network textile threads & bucket to keep the custom data. Fission for the deployment and decentralised static asset storage on IPFS

Technologies used