dripshop is all about showing off the amazing art in the metaverse and bringing it to meatspace, all while supporting the artists. Our storefront gives the proud and rightful owners of NFTs an easy way to get their media (NFTs connected to .jpg & .png's) printed on apparel (hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts) and decor (posters & canvas'). dripshop's branding will be embroidered/printed outside or inside of the apparel/decor in order to establish a brand that people will associate with uniqueness and ownership. When entering the dripshop the user will have to connect their Ethereum wallet; if they have any valid NFTs the media will be fetched and displayed in the storefront. Then, the user will be able to choose what kind of apparel or decor they want, and customize it with their favorite NFT media. Furthermore, dripshop aims to be a one-stop-shop, and having a fluid checkout experience through a print-on-demand service that ships world wide will enable us to do exactly that. Last but not least, when a user gets an order fulfilled, dripshop will fetch the creator address of the NFT that was printed in order to pay out a small royalty for each print that goes through our storefront. In the future the team will experiment with ways of enhancing the proof of ownership with things like POAP badges or embroidered TX hashes on the products.

dripshop showcase

How it's made

The dripshop website is a Node.js Express website with a UI that was designed in Webflow and integrated into the client side HTML. It uses MetaMask to allow a user to sign in and then the OpenSea API is called to get a list of a user's owned NFTs and their stats/properties. This websites' public files were uploaded to IPFS and pinned using Pinata. The ENS name dripshop.eth is also used to point to the content hash of that folder in IPFS.

Technologies used