co-working platform on web3 - chat/video/screen/task/file/governance - incomplete implementation


distributed team revolution has happened, but tools to enable remote co-working have not current toolset for remote co-working typically involves juggling various tools such as a chat / screen share, devops/task management, and file share e(th) work will integrate this triangle on web3 even if the current market leaders add these integrations, there is still one big problem, these companies own your private co-working data e(th) work will return ownership of your data to you and your co-workers

e(th)work showcase

How it's made

element/matrix like chat, video and screenshare trello/asana/jira like task management {livepeer integration for [simultaneous] multi-user streaming] textile/ipfs/filecoin for file share poap integration for awards for participation and task completion audius integration to play music on streaming rooms chainlink integration for third party tools (i.e. Github) unlock integration for access management dao goverenance