Welcome to Web3 weekend Hackathon We are here to present the ForeverCloud, an application that lets users publish their content to a Distributed Network like IPFS or FileCoin Network. It uses blockchain technology to create a new decentralized environment for content publishing and accessing. It gives authors the freedom to publish their content without any external intervention. As a bonus, blockchain technology helps authors publish their work to the world, retain copyright and monetize their work. Slidedeck - Youtube Demo - Screenshot:

Forever Cloud showcase

How it's made

In this application we use the Ethereum ecosystem such as Textile Hub for storage, persist data on IPFS and FileCoin. MetaMask for payment, web3 API and Infura for accessing the Ethereum network. Of course Rinkeby for our Hackathon test net. And we are using current well known front-end and backend technologies such as React for UI, Python and Flask as Backend APIs.

Technologies used