liveTube is a tube site that allows videos to be uploaded to a collection within []( and these videos are then deployed in the web app frontend. Once the user chooses a video to stream in the frontend, a backend process is kicked off where a stream is created via ffmpeg pulling the video file from the ipfs gateway and sending it to Livepeer ingest endpoint.

liveTube showcase

How it's made

The storage and video management is powered by making use filecoin, Textile and ipfs to store videos and video information. Transcoding and video streaming for various common resolutions is handled by Livepeer, using the Livepeer API The application currently runs in a docker-compose environment with a webUI/API. The web UI displays videos that have been uploaded to the collection. When browsing to one of the videos in the frontend: - A request is made to the slate api to grab the video's cid - A stream object is then created in the livepeer api named after the videos cid - an ffmpeg process is then launched to stream the video from the ipfs gateway to livepeer's rtmp video ingestion endpoint. And from there the video should begin playing in the browser of the web page.

Technologies used