The meta manager is a fully decentralized all-in-one data managing tool for meta creators to easily manage their NFT’s metadata and transaction data, most importantly it supports the creators mint the metadata to NFTs just in one click. Add the mint feature that enables the meta creators to mint their metadata to NFT just in one-click Replace Orbitdb with Textile's ThreadDB Use Textile's Buckets to manage the media files for meta creators all in one place Use API to persist the to be minted metadata Use Ceramic to track the change history of the metadata, and NFT DID resolver

Meta Manager showcase

How it's made

This project uses the Textile, NFT.STORAGE, Ceramic, IPFS/Filecoin, and Ethereum behind the scenes to store metadata and mint NFTs to Ethereum Rinkeby network. Ceramic - NFT DIDs - Decentralised Identifier for each NFTs - Metadata curation history tracking Textile - Buckets - stores the media files - ThreadDB - stores the raw metadata - save data to Filecoin IPFS/Filecoin - Fundamentally data storage layer

Technologies used