MetaMeet is a web 3.0-native social platform where you can build the perfect decentralized hang-out spot - one that transcends space and time!


At the most basic level, MetaMeet is a lot like Zoom or Google Meet - you can create a meeting room with a name and a scheduled time, and you can share a link to the room so others can join you. You can also personalize your profile by connecting an Ethereum wallet and choosing an NFT to be your avatar. But beyond these basic features, your meetup experience is what you make it to be, thanks to a variety of plug-and-play web 3.0 protocol integrations including Textile, Livepeer, Unlock Protocol, POAP, and IPFS. Mix and match integrations to create experiences that resemble Discord, Patreon, Twitch or even Clubhouse, plus all the benefits of decentralization!

MetaMeet showcase

How it's made

First off, meetings on MetaMeet are facilitated by Textile's ThreadDB technology which is a distributed multi-party database built on IPFS. The web client running on your computer communicates directly peer-to-peer with others using the same web client to share all the metadata associated with your meeting and integrations. Each meeting is initialized as a ThreadDB database which synchronizes with other attendees in real-time, making it a great choice for features like decentralized chats and live reactions. Next, you can specify a Livepeer video stream to be broadcast during the meeting to your attendees. Simply enter your API Key from, create a stream, point your streaming application (e.g. OBS) to the appropriate ingest URL, then select the stream from the MetaMeet interface. The metadata associated with the URL You'll get a preview of the video right in the interface as well. If you want to protect or monetize your meetup event, you can create a smart contract lock using Unlock Protocol and require users to connect an Ethereum address containing their membership token in order to join the meeting. Specify the smart contract address and the network it's deployed on (either Ethereum or xDAI) and MetaMeet will enforce the lock when someone requests to join the meeting. Finally, you can give your attendees a POAP NFT to keep as a souvenir once the meeting is over. The Textile ThreadDB will automatically keep track of the identities that have connected to the meeting, so by the end you'll have a comprehensive list of participating Ethereum addresses to send the POAP tokens to. As a final layer of decentralization, MetaMeet is built as a statically-served single-page web app with Svelte/SvelteKit. As soon as I figure out the appropriate build configuration with either Fleek or Fission, the front end will be ready to deploy to IPFS.

Technologies used