Not Vine is a decentralized and distributed Social media platform. It serves well for both end users and content creators. Content creators have greater options of monetization using Blockchain technology. End users get premium content instantly without any delay in payments in a minimalistic and smooth User friendly Web App. It has mainly 3 pages. First one being normal feed of all posts by users, second with "Pay to Comment". This requires end users to pay some crypto to comment. This benefits content creators to earn some crypto and entire operation is carried by smart contract for uninterrupted and successful payments. Final page is the premium page where users who have Unlock Protocol NFT keys can view the content exclusively. Users can buy these by paying specified amount from their crypto wallet. Once they get NFT tokens as keys they can view all the premium content of celebrities BTS, sneak peeks and so on depending on content provided by content creators. Normal feed and media files are uploaded to IPFS and then fetched into Not Vine which makes it distributed. Entire Web App is deployed on IPFS as well using Fleek app. Not Vine is a good example of decentralized social media platform and how to empower and monetize Content creators using Blockchain, IPFS without any central authority as we see in Youtube, Instagram etc.,

Not Vine showcase

How it's made

Entire Frontend is built using JS and HTML. JS is widely used in Not Vine to integrate all different technologies and tools into single Web App. IPFS is used for data and Media storage. Both Upload and read of files from IPFS is carried out in the Web App. Premium Page is built using Unlock protocol. Only users who have Unlock NFT keys can view the page. If user doesn't have one he can buy it right there using his wallet easily. This greatly helps content creators earn. Pay to comment feature is integrated but currently have few issues to make it work with web app. So, I have demonstrated it in online tool of Oasis Blockchain network. Smart Contract is written to accept crypto from users who want to comment and send it to creators. Finally entire web app is deployed into IPFS using Fleek app this making it distributed as well.

Technologies used