One MoMint is a dApp (hosted on IPFS and using MetaMask as Authentication) that allows users to snap pictures in real-time and immediately mint the "moment" into ERC721 tokens that are tradable across ethereum and over EVM chains. The tokens will be minted using a Layer 2 solution to allow for lower gas cost and more speed on the transactions. Our dApp allows for what we call Snap Minting, a process where the user takes a photo through their camera using our interface and can immediately mint it into a truly decentralized NFT that's URI metadata is hosted on IPFS within seconds. If the user decides they do not want to mint, we store the image in IPFS and allow them to access their Gallery via a Textile bucket. Furthermore, We allow users to express themselves by showcasing their minted NFTs to other users and using The Graph to show the users ENS when it's available. If they do not have one, we recommend it for our users. Along the journey, we will use POAP to give our users badges for different achievements such as minting their first NFT with us and setting up their ENS name. We want to make it fun! Users can also lock down certain content that they create with us and only unlock it if they buy a unlock token via The Unlock protocol. All in all, we want to make it easy to mint the moment with MoMint.

One MoMint showcase

How it's made

One MoMint is a full decentralized app for its hosting to its creations. It uses a Nuxt build for the frontend which is hosted via Fleek on top of IPFS When a user snaps a photo from our platform, we send that over to to automatically store that information in IPFS and generate a Metadata.json which can be used to mint an NFT. The Metadata is stored inside a textile database in case the user wants to mint this image later. Once they are ready to mint the moment, we pass the metadata that's stored on IPFS into our smart contract that runs on Layer 1 and Layer 2 solutions in order to mint an ERC721 token. The user is then rewarded for a POAP as an achievement. The user will also be able to see all the moments they have snapped with us in a gallery that pulls data from textile Any instances of address will do a look up to The Graph to see if there is a ENS available for that address to provide a pretty name on the dApp. Furthermore, users can lock their gallery using the Unlock protocol.

Technologies used