Option contracts

An on-chain options contract platform for trustless issuance and trading options


*** Please note that I wasn't able to complete all the functionalities. I am new to learning Solidity and I signed up for the hackathon last minute and didn't have a partner. I would greatly appreciate a chance to connect with more senior devs to help finish this. **8 This smart contract expands ERC20 to act as an options contract, representing a call or a put option. Users can lock in an asset and issue a call option against it. Afterwards, the option contract can be traded in Uniswap and liquidity can be provided to the pool.

Option contracts showcase

How it's made

This project uses ERC20 interface and Uniswap for the actual trading. A react front-end could be built to allow users to interact seamlessly. The motivation to build this came from the GameStop saga when Robinhood and other brokers decided to stop people from buying certain securities as they were undercollaterized. This could have been avoided if the securities were fully backed, such as in design presented here.

Technologies used