Social Token Data

A social token data aggregator. Grab the data of all of the top social tokens!


You can view the creator coin live subgraphs here: I will update the repo momentarily! Social Tokens are cryptocurrencies that represent creators, influencers, and communities. Creators and communities have different options to create their own social tokens, from creating their own contract to using a minting service provider to create contracts for them. Due to the fragmentation of standards and sources to create social tokens, the social token space struggles to discover new social tokens and aggregate data on social tokens. This project aimed to aggregate social token data from Roll and Coinvise. Since all creator coin smart contracts created by Roll have the same structure, I attempted to map the contract addresses from and auto-generate a subgraph.YAML. However, I was unable to find a way to auto-generate a YAML or JSON from response data. Then I decided to create a subgraph with only social tokens as part of the ForeFront community. Since all of the tokens were created by different providers (and therefore had different contract structures), I had to migrate the different ABIs and mappings in order to create a subgraph. I did manage to create a subgraph for (nearly every) social token that is part of the Forefront Community:

Social Token Data showcase

How it's made

The project used The Graph. I learned a lot about how to generate a subgraph. My biggest challenge was to create a subgraph using contracts that had different ABIs and mappings. Since creators have different options to create a smart contract for their creator coin, it is very difficult to create a subgraph grabbing data from different social tokens.