This is a visual representation of all current SOCKS holders People can see the $SOCKS whales and click to view their wallet in etherscan People can zoom in and out, and view holdings, when bought, and if they have one, their ENS name Future plans include search and filter Sockstory page for adding history, culture, and story of $SOCKS This is a fun community project that we can roll out (by current demand already from Jordan) for $SACKS, and no doubt more!

Sock Explorer by Pentacle showcase

How it's made

- React and D3 - Currently using JSON file scraped from etherscan API - Hand-rolled scss - Hosted on IPFS using FLEEK - ENS domain - POAP for current $SOCKS holders We haven't yet set up our subGraph - however over the next few weeks we will, to automate and decentralise the data-collection process 1) Use the Etherscan API to get all token transactions from a contract address 2) Restructure the data so each transaction has 2 records, one for the sender, and one for the receiver 3) Group data by wallet address and calculate wallet token value after each transaction 4) Calculate initial token transaction date and last token transaction date 5) Filter data to the last transaction for each wallet, giving us the current token value 6) Check wallet addresses with with reverse ENS lookup using Infura/Web3 7) Export data to json file

Technologies used