This project will mint NFTs that will be sold on, or Each NFT will have unique properties such as CPU cores, Memory and hard disk space. Purchasing the NFT will give you access to a physical machine running at a data center virtual machine running on Google Cloud Platform. Depending on the NFT you will be able to host certain services such as Filecoin Mining or Ethereum 2 validation or any other cloud computing service like Kubernetes workloads.

tinboxcreative showcase

How it's made

This Project will begin by selling NFTs on Open Sea. Some of the items will have properties and traits. These properties and traits will describe the art. There will be other properties like computer properties such as HDD_GB, Memory, CPU Cores CPU Mega Hertz and GPU. Properties like months of service will also be setup. You can purchase the NFT art without the computer traits for a lower ETH amount but if you purchase the NFT with computer traits it will cost you more to pay pay for the service.

Technologies used