Presentation Tokenart is the result of scientific and legal research. Directly inspired by the Creative Common project developed by the famous lawyer Lawrence Lessig, Tokenart brings a new standard to offer the creative world the possibilities allowed by the blockchain. It strikes a balance between the traditional “all rights reserved” framework resulting from copyright and the open framework of open source such as the Creative Commons promoting the free flow of creations. It helps artists protect and monetize their creations in the 177 states that are signatories to the Berne Convention. The Tokenart solution gives everyone, from individual creators to large companies and public institutions, simple and standardized means of representing the rights attached to a creation on NFT. Objective pursued We want to create a collaborative and global common allowing any creator to facilitate the transmission of his rights on the internet thanks to NFTs. For this we need: A community equipped with a token allowing to participate in the management of the legal and technical security of NFTs, the quality of creations, etc. Our community : Represented with OKNA the Tokenart gouvernance token Our community will soon be provided with a Tokenart token which will allow it to - Vote for future updates of the technical standard - Vote for future legal licenses - Be paid to validate identities and artists - Be paid to settle disputes in intellectual property law - Receive rewards related to Tokenart activity such as reputation tokens What solution, for what problem? Today we are faced with three problems: -Earning a living as an artist and creator is a challenge. The art NFT market helps some artists who specialize in creating digital art. But it is not the majority. Serious art projects find it difficult to make a place for this as they are drowned in online scams. Many artists would also like to share their creations and not just the cryptographic hash of their digital files. - Current NFT standards do not allow creators to prove their authorship on their creations or to secure and monetize their copyright through their NFT. They also do not prevent acts of counterfeiting. This created division and friction within the creative universe. - Free licenses allow you to share rights without being able to monetize them Solution : We have developed a new secure and legal standard in over 177 countries around the world. This standard allows three things: Provides creators with a certificate of prior art on their creation so that no one other than themselves can claim authorship of their creation Allows creators to secure and monetize their copyright Provides the Tokenart community with a tool for surveillance and enforcement within the NFT market in the copyright sector. ​ How do we allow creators to secure and monetize their creations? The simple fact of tokenizing a creation through our standard offers the creator a legal proof of paternity of his work opposable in front of a court of justice. Our standard then allows the creator to choose which copyright he chooses to offer through his NFT. I What are the copyrights that a creator can monetize? Tokenart is developing three types of NFT: 1. The certified standard NFT A creator can sell a standard digital NFT with the additional assurance for his buyers that he is the original author. This aims to avoid false NFTs. ​ 2. The intellectual property NFT A creator will be able to sell an intellectual property NFT with the assurance for his buyers that they will have the ownership of the intellectual rights thanks to the NFT. For example, a creator of an art NFT can therefore tokenize the commercial reproduction right of his NFT. By purchasing his NFT, the buyer will be able to sell T-shirts or paintings including the NFT of art. 3. The physical NFT A creator will be able to sell a physical NFT with the assurance for its buyers that they will receive the physical object if the NFT is purchased. For example, an artist can therefore tokenize a physical painting and sell it on any crypto platform. 4. The Token NFT   The NFT only represent the ownership over the Digital file + token represented. No other Intellectual property right are represented by the NFT. This means that the NFT is linked to the token creation and the custodian engage himself to deliver the token when the NFT is regive. This is totally compatible with CC

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How it's made

This project is coded with react language as for the form and for the market place. We are looking for a teammate able to advise you and create technologies to help this project be finalized. For identification, every community members already identified by tokenart will be able to identify other community members. We use Ethereum name service to send a subdomain based on the root intitled "checkID" followed by their name surname or pseudonyme (twitter account etc). We send subdomain only to people who valid their Identity. (Send us appropriate document + verify their mail, discord..) We are looking to collaborate with other plateforme and Dapps to recognize these subdomain which have been transfered only one time as identified parties. For this, we'll work as an oracle. For dispute resolution in IP law, community members who have sure background in IP laws will be chosen by random over a white list to know if they can judge a litigation. Their decision will be enforced by smartcontract. For Wrapping fongible token from Ethereum, Tezos or Bitcoin blockchain we use different wallet to make the transaction. and ERC721 smartcontract to create the non fongible token

Technologies used