Get more subscribers by creating NFTs that mean to them and making it so that they can only be redeemed if they were subscribed before X date. Incentivize getting in early to grow faster and create stronger bonds with your community. Login with your Youtube Account and upload an image to create you drop Send the link to your subscribers to have them redeem it!

YouTube NFT Drop showcase

How it's made

Magic.Link for authentication and OAuth The OAuth callbacks provides us with an access token we can use to pull metadata for the youtube channel and to verify that the subscriptions where created before X date. We use Pinata to upload images to IPFS in the /new page We use theGraph to track Claims and Drops, so that we can show them in the home page, as well as show unique "my collections" pages for each user The site, smart contract and subgraph are in a monorepo The monorepo contains 3 packages: - hardhat -> For smart contract development and tests - next -> the frontend - subgraph -> the subgraph There' also a backend used to store new drops and verify the requirements to claim and mint NFTs

Technologies used