( + ) First Order: Achieve individual wellness, repair, & longevity targets for individuals using fitness challenges for medicine science where individuals can win ownership of an NFT e.g. art or future home ( - ) Second Order: Reduce the cost of development of sustainable housing and carbon sequestration from the globe via recyclable components (mass timber) ( ♾️ ) Third Order: A forest (or mycelium) network becoming a sustainable storage material for life e.g. language becoming embedded in structure walls like pyramids

z arbor games showcase

How it's made

The project uses a react front end, with the use of textile as a data layer for challenges data, to someday in the future connect smart contracts to a sustainable supply chain. The local-first technology was seamless to use. I had to substitute the API connection to the rowing machine with an in-browser game. As the project concept is very minimal, I am looking forward to increasing the surface area for feedback on answering clarifying questions.

Technologies used